“ARD (Admission, Review, and Dismissal)” – In Texas, the ARD meeting is a pre-arranged meeting of a team of educators and parents convened primarily to determine eligibility for special education services, to develop the IEP (Individualized Education Program/Plan), and/or to review and determine progress and current status and needs of a student with disabilities.

ARD Assist parent partnership is a advocacy education consulting service for parents of children with disabilities. ARD Assist owner/consultant, Jill Stover, helps parents to understand how to work more effectively with school districts to obtain appropriate services for their children. Since parents are the most available and consistent advocates for their children with disabilities, the focus of ARD Assist is to prepare parents for their own long-term success in advocating within the school system.

     “When dealing with the special education process, knowledge is power!”

    “The special education process is a marathon, not a sprint…”

Jill provides information concerning all aspects of the special education process in order to improve parents’ ability to succeed within the ARD/IEP meeting and beyond.

Available services:

  1. Pre-ARD parent meeting.  Through a meeting with parents prior to the ARD, Jill provides knowledge of and assistance with interpreting educational records, provides information and tools concerning special education procedures and what to expect in the ARD meeting, and helps parents with strategizing for obtaining goals relevant to the child for the IEP.
  1. Attend ARD meeting.  Jill will attend ARD meeting/s with the parent in order to provide comfort and support.  Although Jill will not make decisions on behalf of the parent/s, she will provide real-time insights for parents concerning district proposals and provide options the parent may wish to consider.
  1. Post-ARD meeting with parent.  Jill may meet with parents concerning post-ARD meeting options should parents desire additional information or assistance.

ARD Assist provides parent education concerning:

  • The components of the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) process and of the Individualized Education Plan/Program (IEP)
  • Basic special education law and procedure
  • How to read/understand the various documents provided in the process
  • Communication and negotiation techniques
  • The child's disabilities, and
  • Relevant and available resources, treatments, and alternatives

Why ARD Assist, and not another advocacy education consulting service?

Jill Stover is a former public school teacher, a formally trained paralegal, and is the parent of a child with disabilities.  She is passionate about helping children to obtain an appropriate education via helping their parents learn to be more effective and informed, and is committed to providing quality assistance at a reasonable price.  Jill understands that most families of children with disabilities are taxed by financial stresses in addition to the challenges created by simply wanting the best educational services and opportunities that can be had for their child. 

It is important to understand that special education advocacy and related services are not an exact science.  While special education processes are grounded in law, there are many variables affecting outcomes (primarily, the people involved in the process).  NO guarantee of results should be made by any reputable attorney, advocate, or advocacy education consultant, and parents need to understand this when hiring one.  When seeking the assistance of a special ed attorney, advocate, or advocacy education consultant, it is important to understand the individual's philosophy about service, the qualifications the individual possess, and to determine if there is something unique to be offered by his/her background and experience.

As the parent of a child with a disability, Jill first learned about special education advocacy through living the process and learning about advocacy out of necessity. This fact, plus her background in public education, law, and project management, provide her with a unique perspective and supportive attitude in order to help parents through the complex special education process.  The information obtained in consultation with Jill is not and should not be considered legal advice, which can only be provided by a licensed attorney.  For more detailed information about Jill's background and qualifications, see the "Biography and Qualifications" page found at the sidebar menu.

How to get started with ARD Assist:

Jill consults via email and phone and will meet with parents at mutually agreeable times.  The following is the typical/preferred intake process:

1.  Access the “Intake Requirements” link on the left sidebar menu.  Send the completed intake form as an attachment, or provide a summary of the same information within an email, to jstover@ardassist.com

2.  Upon review of the email and other provided information, Jill will call or email basic recommendations and a service and fee agreement to the parent for review.

3.  Should additional clarification be needed, if a phone number is provided as requested in the intake form, Jill will attempt to contact the client by phone or email.

Fees will generally range from $50 to $100 per contact/service (plus mileage expenses, if applicable) depending on the requested action. With the exception of basic recommendations provided in the initial email response or initial contact phone call, fees for services need to be paid for in advance or as the service is provided, at the discretion of Jill Stover.